No more shaving mistakes: 7 Shaving tips for Men (The Perfect Shave)

An appeal to all men who regularly struggle with irritation and cuts – if you follow these tips, you will automatically avoid the most common shaving mistakes that can lead to acne and pigment spots – and look very unattractive.

This is how you can achieve the perfect shave – without cuts or irritation!

Do you know the men who regularly walk around with blood-soaked scraps of paper towels on their faces because they forget to remove them before leaving the house? It is precisely these men who often trim their beards under time pressure or frantically fiddle with the disposable shaving razor from the drugstore. But even if time wasn’t an issue, many men make the same shaving mistakes repeatedly.

It is time to get to the root of the problem and pay more attention to the shaving routine. We’ll show you how to avoid the most common shaving mistakes in the future and give you tips for the most perfect, flawless, and painless shave.

7 tips for the perfect shave – without cuts and acne

Tip # 1: Shave in the direction of hair growth – not against

One of the most common mistakes men make when shaving – they shave against the direction of growth. You may now think that the result will be softer and smoother as a result, but the redness and bumps that appear afterwards seem – for the time being – not to be of interest. Contrary to popular belief, when shaving, we should first shave in the direction of the hair growth to avoid the hair being pulled out and torn off and not to risk skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Especially when using cheap disposable razors or the same blade all the time, men run the risk of looking less perfectly smooth than more like an acne-ridden teenage boy after shaving.

Most whiskers grow downwards, but some individual hairs grow together against the current. It should also be said that hair growth is not the same for all men – you can recognize and define it by simply feeling the appropriate area with your fingers. If you then always shave in the direction of hair growth – even if you have to change the shaving direction a few times – you are guaranteed to achieve a smoother shave than you have been able to achieve before.

Tip # 2: Warm water to prepare

Coldwater closes the pores; warm water opens them. A razor glides over your hair much more quickly when it is a little softened. So wash with warm water before shaving or take a hot shower – the razor has an easy job, and your skin is not unnecessarily irritated.

Tip # 3: Use grooming products – before and after you shave

Are you striving for skin that defies moisture even after shaving and has no rough areas? Before shaving, use a nourishing shaving oil that moisturizes both skin and hair and creates a protective film. Your skin will not only be easier to shave, but it will also be much smoother.

After shaving, it’s a good idea to use aftershave. The alcohol it contains prevents bacteria from entering the pores – this can significantly reduce inflammation and pustules. If you have sensitive skin, use a sensitive lotion instead, as the skin may react too strongly to the alcohol. An aftershave is there to soothe irritated skin with its nourishing substances and, at the same time, provides a refreshing scent.

Tip # 4: Shaving cream works wonders

Shaving foam is the long-established miracle cure for everyday shaving. Like shaving oil, which puts a protective film on the skin, you apply the foam before you shave and let it take effect. The ingredients in the foam soften the hair so that the blade can cut it off more easily. Another practical side effect is that you can always see exactly where you’ve already shaved – and where you haven’t.

Tip # 5: Don’t press the blade too hard

It almost holds up like a myth – the harder you squeeze, the closer to the root the hair can be clipped. Aside from that, you damage your skin more and risk injury; it is a misconception that acne favours. The rule is fewer cuts, fewer pimples. Therefore, you are doing something good for your skin and covering all areas with light and even pressure.

Tip # 6: Change your razor blades regularly

Are you one of those men who stand crookedly in front of the shaving shelf and are always annoyed that the manufacturers have taken your favorite blades out of their range again? It is undeniable, the trouble is great and the price of decent shaving accessories is high. But a sharp razor or a sharp blade is essential.

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