Getajord.com was established in 2009 to boost the trend of reusable/plastic-free products after a deep study on ocean pollution rate increased every day. Everybody desires to rescue the world from pollution and make it greener/safe for other living beings, so we are here to provide them with a comprehensive platform to purchase an extended range of natural and reusable shaving products.

Ajord offers metal safety razors, barber/straight razors, shaving kits, shaving brushes, shaving stands, shaving bowls & mugs, leather strops, and other shaving accessories.


Our mission is standing simply on 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle); all products in our store are plastic-free and eco-friendly.

  • Reduce: Play your part to Reduce Plastic Pollution.
  • Reuse: Your shaving products can be used multiple times.
  • Recycle: Disposed things should be recyclable to produce other valuable items.

After using our environmental shaving supplies, you can proudly tell your grandson/granddaughter that you always use eco-friendly shaving products to maintain the beauty and nature of the world for them.


The Long-lasting and reusability of a product rely on the material used to make it and the process adopted in construction. We use 100% natural materials in all our shaving supplies, especially in all shaving razors and shaving stands.

Our double edge safety razors are made of pure metal (stainless steel and brass) to maximize prolonged use durability. The stainless steel and natural wood are used to excellent razors and create a pleasant look of straight razors; some have a wooden handle to make an easy grip. The shaving brushes are handcrafted by experienced craftmanship for premium shaving performance, made of pure stainless steel, silver, and wood. Safety razors, shaving stands, and shaving brushes combine to make a perfect shaving kit. On the other hand, leather strops are made of premium quality natural leather for sharpening the straight razor quickly.

Metals: Stainless Steel, Brass

Wood: Natural Wood


Each product is designed after having a deep study on the process of its usage to make your shave smoother and cut-free. The knurling of de safety razors helps to have an ideal grip even in wet hands; you must follow the right angle for a smoother & quick shave.

INSPECTION: (Cracking the Complains before shipping):

All items individually pass through a robust inspection process, in which all strengths of products are tested, whether they fulfill the criteria or not. High-grade products are chosen to ship to customers, and low-grade products are sent to relevant departments for further improvement.


We are Pakistan based company and own more than 45 employees to handle six different departments. All of them work/handle their duties under these departments.

  • Customer care department
  • Products production department
  • Inventory management department
  • Inspection department
  • Packaging department
  • Shipment handling department

This is how any shipment process gets the customer order to shipping the products to their door.


Customer’s satisfaction regarding the products is our top priority, if you face any query/issue related to your products get back to us. We will resolve the issue in hours and provide solutions quickly.