Ajord strictly advises you to read our TERMS and CONDITIONS to avoid any mishap or lack or confidence in our policies in future.

By agreeing to our terms and policies, you accept to work, as a user/customer, within the frame provided by us. Any action outside the premises of our policies will not be entertained. In case the user has doubts and does not agrees to our policies, he/she will not be eligible to work with us.

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Our terms and conditions include:

– User agreement:

User agreement states that the user has read Ajord TERMS and CONDTIONS and he/she is ready to work with and by agreeing to our policies. Any user who does not agrees to Ajord TERMS and CONDITIONS cannot work with us.

– User’s eligibility:

It states that only user’s above certain age can work with us. Users who can sign binding contracts with us are welcome and are considered as our priority. The user must not be minor in any case.

– Copy rights:

Ajord hold copy rights of every element present on this website. All the images, designs or content present on our website are a subject to our copy rights. Any user found of plagiarism will be dealt according to our policies and may face a report or strike as an initial blow. Ajord holds the rights to sue anyone found violating our terms and conditions or our policies.

– Amendments in our terms and conditions:

Ajord is free to change its policies with respect to needs or time however, users shall rest assured that no policy amendment will go against their interest. It will only be done to make our cycle more professional and mutually beneficially. Having said that, Ajord

is not bound to inform our users about change in policies. We advise you to frequently check our changes in policies.

– Limitation for users:

Ajord holds every right to block certain users from website without informing. We follow restrict rules and expect our users to do the same. If found in any mishap’s cause, The user will be blocked at the spot and legal action may be taken against him/ her.

– Subscription:

Users are free to subscribe to our news letter but it is mandatory for the user to provide his email and name. Ajord shall be responsible for user’s personal data and user’s data is a subject to our privacy policy. The company does not shares user’s private information and is only allowed to do so under certain measures.

please read more about it under our Privacy policy.

– Restrictions:

Before ordering kindly make sure that you have read the prohibited products. We restrict the content related to drugs, illegal elements and adult content which includes pornographic elements. We take this step to make environment as clean and professional as possible.

– Sales:

The firm holds the rights to start special sale whenever we see it fit and the start and end of any sale is totally up to the management of Ajord. There is no fixed time for any sale nor is the firm bound to inform users personally about sale. However information regarding any season sale will be published on the website effective and immediately.

– Sale and law:

Every sale, order or delivery on or from this site is a subject to laws followed in Pakistan. any action which violates the laws will be terminated immediately.

–  Order and assistance:

User has every right to know exactly hwere there order is or when will it arrive. In any case, Ajord is responsible for providing necessary information to user and satisfy user’s inquiries.