Shaving Cream

Men’s shaving kit is incomplete without shaving cream, and it also exists in different forms to adapt to different sensitivities and different habits of each: foam, gel, cream, balm … And even shaving soap! Shaving foam, cream, or gel, each has its advantages and disadvantages: it’s up to you to choose the shape best suited to your shave and your hair type. Shaving cream remains the form best suited for normal skin, for its ease of use, and for the softness, it brings when shaving. The shaving foam is also used to soften the skin, slightly plump the hair, and straighten it for a cleaner and faster cut. The creamy and light texture of the inexpensive shaving foam listed at AJORD makes shaving more comfortable by facilitating the passage of the blade. Formulated without alcohol, it reduces irritation and post-shaving redness while leaving the skin soft. Purifying, shaving foams cleanse your skin while reducing infection from micro-cuts. Moisturizing, the durably softens the skin.


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