If you feel any discomfort when you shave, it may be because of shaving tips that are not suitable for the beard style. No longer mistreat your beard: the following suggestions will make your shave more pleasant. Use a facial scrub or cleanser to soften your beard hair before shaving, and moisturize your skin with hot water for a good three minutes before shaving. Your hair will be softer and easier to shave. Adopt a gel that is made for you: Use a multi-blade shaving system with the blades close together, to reduce the pressure used by the blades. This will guarantee you better shaving comfort and reduce irritation. Shave the edge of your mouth last. This will give the shaving gel time to penetrate the hairs and soften them, which will make them easier to shave. Change your blade when you feel a tug or shave is no longer comfortable. Some shaving systems have an indicator strip that will turn white when your shave is no longer optimal.

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