Which Shaving Brush Suits your Skin for a Traditional Shaving

Shaving Brushes is basic element of Wet shaving. The essential tool for traditional shaving. There is an overwhelming number of types, shapes, and sizes of shaving brushes offered. A good Shaving brush contains the following features.


  • Softer Bristles are providing a comfortable shave.
  • The Brush holds the right amount of water to create rich later.
  • Provides stiffness to raise stubble before shaving.

There are 2 main types of shaving brushes that Ajord offers to its valued clients; You will need to understand before you go for purchase.



These are natural hair shaving bristles making rich and fine lather in shaving. It does have different subtypes.


  • PURE BADGER: These are essential badger hair typically less expensive to maintain your good quality lather while shaving. These are dark-colored badger hair. Affordable to everyone.


  • BEST BADGER:   Best Badger Shaving Brushes are one of the best sellers due to quality and reasonable price range. It has softer bristles with the absorption of more water. It contains and maintains a more significant and richer lather for a luxury shaving experience.


  • SILVER-TIP BADGER:    Silver-tip Badger hair bristles are the best quality shaving brushes in shaving society. These brushes provide the best shaving preparation. Ultra-thick lather within a short time.



                    It reveals from its name; these are non-animal shaving brushes, also known as cruelty-free shaving brushes. These brushes are not budget-friendly comparing to badger shaving brushes but getting good shots during recent years. These brushes will never be comfortable as BADGER SHAVING BRUSHES, but these are good animal-friendly shaving brush options.

We are offering 2 designs in Synthetic Shaving Brushes.


Shaving tools are assets for men; these are very personal. It would be great to find the right option for you. You can add multiple shaving brushes to your daily shaving routine. Investing in good shaving brushes leads to fun for years doing proper shaving brush care. We wish you good fortune in your pursuit and your new joy. You can always message us at any quarry.


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