Choosing A Safety Razor For You.

It needs to understand the basics of any razor before buying or using it. Novices may confuse which type of razor to buy for a closer and comfortable shave. Here we explain types of Double Edge Safety Razor


  • Closed Comb Razor
  • Open Comb Razor
  • Slant Head
  • Adjustable Razor


Closed Comb Safety Razor:         One of the most popular and common forms of safety razor produced today, used by millions of traditional wet shavers to keep alive heritage shaving every day. These are easy to use and give the perfect closer shave. Closed Comb razor comes with a straight safety bar for more protective for new shavers; typically has tiny grooves on the bar. We suggest these standard razors for all beginners and experts for daily shaving routine. Ajord offers a wide range of Closed Comb Safety Razor with different types and colors of handles. Long Handle Safety Razor Closed Comb is the best seller for its traditional design and more extended sturdy handle to ensure extra grip while wet shaving. You may Customized razor with AJORD CUSTOMIZED OPTION.

Open Comb Safety Razor:           These are also standard safety razors with different razor head designs. The main difference comes razor head type only. You will see the row of teeth of the comb, which go all the way through underneath the razor blade. These keep hair closer to the blade for an aggressive shave with no clogging up the razor. You will find a closer shave with fewer passes, no skin irritation.  Practice Closed Comb Safety Razor before shifting to Open Comb Safety Razor.

Slant Head Safety Razor:             These are fewer demand razors; It has slanting action, and hit does let the blade go on the angle. It slices through your hair rather than cut through it. Men often favor it with abrasive beards. We recommend experts only using it.

Adjustable Safety Razor:             New technology with old tradition; experts have introduced a new line of safety razors with adjustable blade angles. These razors provide freedom to change the exposure of the blade, maintaining the aggression of shave. Read through the manual before using it.

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