How to Use a Shaving Brush for Best Shaving?

Depending on the type of bristle your shaving brush will have, your use of it will not be quite the same. It is partly the hair of the badger that conditions its preparation!

The type of hair on your shaving brush matters

  • Natural hair (badger, pig bristles, horse …)

If you set your sights on a badger with natural bristles, it is essential to let them soak for 5 to 6 minutes at mid-tuft in order to soften them and prepare them for use. This ritual is all the more necessary on pig and horse bristles, well known for their very stiff texture.

Secondly, you must of course wring out the badger. Do not go too hard, the ideal is that it remains slightly damp inside.

  • Synthetic hair

If your badger has synthetic bristles, you don’t need to let them soak. A simple humidification followed by a light spin will be sufficient.

After that you can move on to the “loading” step, an important technical term that we will explain in the next part; (it’s less complicated than it looks!).

Depending on the shaving product you are using

After the preparation, let’s move on to the next logical step: the use of the best shaving brush. Like the first step, the course of it will vary depending on the context, in this case the shaving treatment you will use.

Using a shaving brush with shaving soap

For shaving soap lovers, here is the procedure:

  1. Apply a thin film of water on the hot soap (the tips of the friend Fislade).
  2. If you are using a shaving brush with natural bristles, soak it for 5 minutes in lukewarm water and wring out the bristles.
  3. Proceed to loading the badger: this process consists of making circular movements with the shaving brush directly in the shaving soap in order to load the entire tuft of the badger with foam (to soak properly, it takes about 20 to 30 seconds) .
  4. If after that the foam seems too dense and too thick, it’s time to add a few drops of lukewarm water to the tufts of the badger just to harmonize the substance (attention: go slowly, the accessory must be humid and not flooded with the float at the risk of having too airy foam).
  5. We go to badgering. This slightly wacky term simply designates the phase of applying the foam to your face, which is divided into two stages:
  6. Raise the foam . You started doing this when the foam was in the bowl; the end of the process will take place on your face. As with loading, go with small circular gestures. Again, do not hesitate to perfect the texture of the mousse by adding a few drops if necessary. It should be neither too airy nor too thick.
  7. Smooth out the foam. Is your foam well mounted? Put some order in it by eliminating the unwanted reliefs in order to obtain a clear and well-spread foam. To do this, it is enough to adopt more direct, more rectilinear movements which will balance the whole.

Note: if you want to perform several passes with your razor, save yourself unnecessary repetition. Simply leave the shaving brush upright and take it back as it is on the second pass!

Using the shaving brush with shaving cream

For shaving cream lovers, the process is similar but still has some nuances that can be explained by the noticeable difference in texture between soap and shaving cream. The latter being neither more nor less than soap already worked and ready to be assembled in foam, its treatment will logically be less tedious!

Badger loading can be done in three different ways:

  1. Option 1: put a knob of cream in the bottom of a bowl and immerse the badger in it to load it using circular motions (just like loading the badger with the solid soap)
  2. Option 2: place a knob of shaving cream on each of your cheeks, then work the cream directly on the face using circular movements
  3. Option 3: apply a knob of cream on the tuft of the badger then make the foam rise on the face
  4. Let’s go for badgering. As with shaving soap, this is done using circular movements to properly raise the foam, followed by more rectilinear movements in order to spread it properly. If the foam seems too shy to you, add a few drops of lukewarm water, being careful, again, not to drown the hairs in the water.

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