This is a question we often ask ourselves when we start to grow a beard that is longer than three days…

 On the Ajord blog, we have already presented you with how to shave and take care of your beard. Today I’m talking about the importance and how to maintain the lower part of our face: our neck.


There is one thing that is most classic, but most important, is beard maintenance – you probably already know that, but a well-sculpted beard will give you a harmonious face.

The neck is part of this interview. So why maintain his neck when the beard length is more important, you would tell me? And this is the mistake!

A beard can be modulated with the length, whether it is like that of a Viking, of 3 days, barely shaved, the beard perfects your face. As for the neck part, if it is not maintained, it can be prejudicial to you…

Indeed, a clean-shaven neck will bring light to your head wearing. By clearing this area of ​​dark and sometimes unsightly hairs, you bring sharpness to your beard style.

 If you are new to this interview, here is my advice.


 Once your beard and face have been freshly washed with cleansing treatment, I recommend that you apply the transparent shaving gel to the areas to be worked and shaved.

Two dabs of any product are enough to cover the neck area – just below Adam’s apple. Leave the gel on for a minute or two so that it fully encompasses your hair, once the gel is well applied to your neck, or even your cheekbones, the cutting ritual can begin.


Take the Mach-3 neck razor, this razor is specially designed to style and shave sensitive areas such as the neck and cheeks. Indeed, Mach-3 has specially developed a technology particularly and meticulously designed for this very sensitive area, and thus to avoid irritation: the Skin Guard technology. No more hyper-sensitive skin after shaving and pimples due to shaving.

The Mach-3 neck razor has a unique blade perfect for working on finishes; it is located at the back of the razor and helps to draw sharp and precise edges at the neck of your beard: enough to have a perfect neck, drawn and graceful.

Lightweight, easy to grip and apply, the Mach-3 neck razor also has lubricating strips before and after the razor blades, which will help to smooth the sensitive skin of the neck and cheeks to prevent damage and irritation. The Mach-3 neck razor also has soft fins that gently smooth and stretch the skin so that the two blades can perfectly cut the hair at the skin level.

Gillette designed this razor for the sensitive skin of the neck and cheeks.

It is easy to handle, its handle allows you to control each pass of the razor and it is easy to define the contours. The blades are easy to wash and dry quickly. Remember to rinse your razor after each use and let it dry.

Mach-3 Gillette Neck Razor may be enough on its own, I use it weekly and/or every 2-3 days when I want to sculpt my look for an outing, for example. It is perfectly possible to associate it with the Mach-3 Gillette safety razor to define the style more precisely: the safety razor allows me in particular to trim the hairs located just below my cheekbones, the latter allows precision-cut similar to a barber job and a very clean finish. As for the Neck Shaver, I appreciate using it for its ease of handling, the flexibility in the gestures, and above all … I notice less irritation compared to other razors that I used to use in the past.



Who says shave, says aftershave. You must not dodge this step! It is very important. Your skin has just been stressed during shaving, and it needs hydration. As much as the Mach-3 Gillette neck razor has lubricating strips to aid in painless shaving, it is necessary to moisturize the shaved area after each stroke.

The neck and cheeks are sensitive areas; pamper them with a suitable aftershave, then your usual daycare. Be careful with the alcohol in some of your products, it can sting a bit!

Once these areas are hydrated, you can continue and finish hydrating your beard (or mustache) with Beard Oil. This nourishing treatment with a unique scent will hydrate the hair and skin while leaving a silky finish to your beard or mustache. Cleaned neck, drawn cheeks, hydrated beard, or mustache: you are ready for a beautiful day (or evening)!

Ah, and I forgot, this neck and cheek maintenance ritual should take you no more than 10 minutes! In general, between brushing your teeth and perfuming, it works well 🙂

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