If you would like to keep your shaving joy marvelous, you will need to take extra care of the safety razor to enhance its life. It will keep performing best with small efforts. Cleaning safety razors will stop weakening metallic and chrome coating.  You can sustain your shaving razor and brushes day-to-day cleaning and deep wash once a month.

1 | Regular Clean up:

                 Regular cleaning of the safety razor is done right after you have finished your shave.  It is simple as you unassembled the razor, remove the razor blade and rinse with warm water, water going through the head, clean it well with a dry towel to make sure it does not develop water spots lead to rusting. You can always disinfect and sanitize your safety razor by dipping your razor head in rubbing alcohol for a while. It will sterilize your razor for a more extended, perfect shaving experience.

2 | Weekly or Monthly Washing Razor

                  Shaving razors with regular cleaning may last longer, but you will also need to wash them properly occasionally. As much you take care of your razor, it will return to your shave. It will not require additional effort if you keep cleaning practices regularly.

Here is what you require for a deep clean.

  • A Bowl/Mug
  • Dish Washer Soap
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Thick Towel cloth

Fill the bowl with warm water, tap dishwasher soap in it. You will need to disassemble the razor and dip parts of the razor in the bowl. Please keep it in the water for some time; wash the razor parts properly with a soft brush; it could be an old toothbrush (do not use the same toothbrush you are using to clean your teeth). Clean them with soapy water and now the essential part as you will need to take extra care in cleaning with a towel. Dry every single aspect of the razor with a towel to avoid any water spots.  Leave the razor in a safe place to dry it properly. Always use a razor stand to store your favorite razor.


  • Do not leave a razor in the shower to avoid a humid environment causing rust.
  • Avoid dropping safety razors as the razor’s head is made of Zing Alloy; you may damage razor head dropping from the top.
  • Store in a safe place.
  • Enjoy shaving.


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