How to Clean and Maintain Your Safety Razor?

A safety razor is always a good investment. It will allow you a precise and more pleasant shave. And you should keep it for years, even decades.

To do this, it must be cleaned regularly and know how to maintain it. In this article, you will find our best tips for maintaining your safety razor and thus extending its lifespan.

Clean and maintain the blades of a safety razor

  • Clean the slides in cold water

Many people think that the blades of a razor, both disposable and Safety Razor, should be cleaned with hot water. Quite simply because that’s how the skin is prepared for shaving, to soften the hairs and open the pores. But, in fact, to wash the blades of a razor, you have to use cold water. Because the heat will accelerate the wear of the blades and can even deform them. As a result, your blades will offer less precision and you risk cutting yourself. Now always clean your blades in cold water.

  • Never tap the razor blade against the sink

To remove hairs stuck in your safety razor, you probably have a habit of tapping the blade against the rim of the sink. This is a mistake because this gesture accelerates the wear of the blades. Better to clean your razor directly in the sink to remove stuck hairs. Fill your sink 1/3 full with cold water, then stir your razor horizontally, being careful not to knock it against the wall.

  • Dry the slide with a towel

Did you know that it is not recommended to let your blades dry naturally? Because this will alter the cutting effect and promote corrosion. To dry a razor blade, gently run a clean towel over the cutting surface.

  • Sharpen the blade with a piece of jeans

The blade of a safety razor should be sharpened regularly. One effective method of doing this is to use a piece of jeans: real old-fashioned denim. Lay the piece flat and rub the blade against the edge, three to four times on each side.

  • Remove lime scale on the blade

Have you noticed a lime deposit on your razor blade? Don’t panic, it will be very convenient to remove it. Simply put some toothpaste on a brush and scrub vigorously before rinsing off with cold water. Repeat the operation several times if the deposit is stubborn.

  • Clean and maintain the handle of a safety razor

Now you know everything about cleaning and maintaining your safety razor blades. But what about the handle? It too can be damaged. And if you bought it second-hand, it is likely that a small restoration will do it good. We have the perfect recipe!

Prepare in a basin a mixture of baking soda and Marseille soap with a little water. Let your razor soak for ten hours in this mixture.

You can also clean your razor handle with a metal cleaner, which you can find in hardware or hardware stores for a few dollars. Put on gloves and apply the product with a toothbrush before rinsing, always with cold water. You can supplement the maintenance with a ten-minute bath in modified alcohol or paraffin oil.

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