Double Edge Safety Razor is a stylish, cost-effective daily use razor. The most reliable travel shaving razor with no plastic waste. We urge users to read few benefits of Double-edge razors to shift traditional shaving.

1 | Well balanced & Hand Crafted.

                        These are handcrafted, magnificently designed razors with good balance for a comfy shave. You can get normal to aggressive shave choosing different razor heads; closed Comb & Open Comb razor heads are the most beloved. Keep using Double edge razors to support small businesses.

2 | Unisex Shaving

                        Women is the companion of the man talented with equal intellectual capacity. We believe no difference between men and women. These shaving razors are designed for unisex shaving needs. Safety razor for women is designed lightweight and slim with the fit razor in hands. Shave your face and legs with these razors to be part of a natural friendly for a safe planet.

3 | Durable & Plastic Free.

                        Double Edge Shaving razors are durable to last for years. Small care of razors may last your shaving tools for many years. Single-use or cartridge razors end up filling land space with plastic, using plastic-free Double edge razors voting for a safe and healthy lifestyle. Double Edge razor is easy to recycle; you need to change the razor blade and keep using your favorite razor.

4 | Eco-Friendly.

                        Cartridge or sing use razors are impossible to recycle. Traditional razor is made of metal to reuse for months; replace the blade to shave your head or body. Double Edge Safety Razor is zero waste for years to get a luxury shaving experience every day.  Save the environment using Eco-friendly shaving products.

5 | Economical choice

                        Disposable single-use razors are not only incredibly wasteful but also costly. Wet shaving is more economical and budget-friendly comparing plastic razor or razor blades. Be Safe using Traditional ways of shaving for better health and your pocket to save money.

6 | Best Gift for him/her

                        These razors are the best gift choice for men or women for daily grooming companions. Look no further to shave your face or body. These razors perform excellent using the proper technique to shave with them. It is a great birthday gift, holiday and Christmas gift or anniversary present. The Best grooming gift for your loved ones.

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