Wet shaving is old school way of hair removal. You might be afraid with terms but using a traditional razor is much easier and trendier. You are in a winning position to get rid of razor burns and dry face. There is no excuse to try wet shaving on yourself using basic techniques. Follow a traditional wet shaving routine to look classy and lovely with small learning with us.

1 | Getting Ready.

                        You have plenty of options available to get natural ingredients shaving creams or pre-shave oil to prepare for your shave. The first step to soften your beard for a comfortable shaving experience. Furthermore, shaving creams with organic components will treat your skin to fresh up your face and look good after every use. You may try shaving after a shower.

2 | Shaving Brushes.

                        Joy started with lathering up your face to get it shaved. Try your favorite shaving cream or soap with Shaving Brushes to lather up; Rich lather is a guarantee of a luxury shave. Take Ajord’s Shaving Brush for your daily shaving routine. We do have Badger Shaving Brushes and Synthetic Shaving Brushes with different handle designs.

3 | Time to Shave.

                        Double Edge Safety Razor or Straight razor are your companions of wet shaving; you will feel perfect hair removal with gentle pressure. Try shaving with the grain in the first pass to get it cleaned. You can try two or three passes for a closer shave against the grain.  Shop your WET SHAVING RAZOR with AJORD.

4 | After Shave Fun.

                        It is great to soak your skin with aftershave lotion, cream, or balm to moisturize your skin. It feels incredible, refreshing, and smooth. People with sensitive skin can try natural ingredients aftershave products.

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